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Development Applications

This is our core business, we specalise in quality applications for developments of all sizes. We have a reputation for preparing quality planning reports that result in hassle-free approvals.  Projects we work on include:

  • Subdivision (reconfiguring a lot)
  • Material Change of Use (rezoning)
  • Unit developments
  • Shopping centres and industrial estates.
  • Specialist developments including: regional airports, agricultural-tourism, renewable energy, island resorts, health care facilities, churches, marinas, taverns and nightclubs sports stadiums, quarries and mines, military sites, indigenous community developments.

Reconfiguring a lot and plan sealing

Planz has gained countless approvals for subdivisions and boundary realignments.  We investigate the process of subdividing your property into 2, 3 or more lots to get the best outcome for your property.

Plan sealing is the process of getting your subdivision approval registered with the titles office.  

Show Cause Notices

This is a letter from Council asking business or property owners to show that they have appropriate approvals. These notices can be intimidating and list out potential fines and court proceedings.  We can advise the best strategy to either obtain an approval or suggest lawful alternatives. 

Feasibility and Due Diligence

Planz gives preliminary feasibility assessments of a potential development based on investigation and research to ensure you are making an informed and lawful investment.

We will work with you to link together all the inputs to a successful project – designers, engineers, surveyors, policy and personalities, to ensure that you get the best outcomes, save money and have a product that people want and you can be proud of.

Permits, Licences and Approvals

Planz can organise public notification, landscaping approvals, signage approvals, road closure permits, liquor licence applications and more.

FNQ Town Agent

Are you a looking for an agent to work with in Far North Queensland.  We can assist with Public Notifications, Dealing with local councils and identifying local suppliers and consultants.


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