Our experience

Planning Explained

We make planning simple. Our hands-on industry experience and the discipline of teaching planning at James Cook University means we know how to demystify planning. Award Winning Planners Nikki Huddy is the 2019 Planning Institute of Australia‚Äôs Planner of the Year QLD. We have also been awarded for our Public Engagement & Community Planning by the Planning Institute of Australia. Nationally Accredited Registered Planner accreditation recognises our experience, professional interest 
and knowledge and our commitment to ethical practice, ongoing education and training.  


We value true client relationships and we work with you to refine your idea and create great places, one project at time.

Outcomes Focused

We work with you to identify a range of options and opportunities. We understand the importance of ensuring the project deliverables are met and are responsive to the local, tropical context.

Regional Experience

We truly understand living and doing business in regional and rural areas and have the capacity to deliver locally relevant solutions.

Contemporary & Strategic

We are industry leaders and keep up-to-date with industry trends, initiatives and exciting new ideas from around the world.

Engagement & Community

From public notification to workshop facilitation, we are experienced in engaging a diverse range of stakeholders.