Development Applications

With our substantial Government and private enterprise experience, planning applications are our core business. We prepare applications for developments of all sizes and have a reputation for quality planning that result in hassle-free approvals. Specialising in: 

  • Unit developments, duplexes, holiday accommodation,
    caravan parks
  • Subdivisions
  • Transport depots, warehouses, mechanical workshops
  • Aged Care Facilities, Community Health and Disaster Management Centres Solar Farms and sustainable energy projects
  • Urban precincts such as Cairns Performing Arts Centre and Munro Martin Parklands Infrastructure projects such as water, sewerage and electricity supply at Dunk Island, Orpheus Island, Pelorus Island, Thursday Island.
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Strategic & Master Planning

Planz has the experience and capability to assist Government and communities to translate their plans into actions and develop a narrative that means projects are realistic, adoptable and readily implemented:

  • Housing, Character and Cultural Heritage Planning
  • Transport, mobility and access planning
  • Natural environment, green space and recreation planning
  • Drafting and reviewing Planning Schemes, and policy audits
  • Specialist Code and Policy drafting – Tropical Design, Transport Network Planning, CBD Parking Strategies
  • Infrastructure Planning (LGIP), population and employment projections and desired standards of service
  • Economic Development and Employment, Industrial Land Requirement Studies and Centres Strategies
  • Demographic analysis
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Sustainable Planning

Sustainable Planning Australia’s population is increasingly urban. As this happens the quality of our urban environments also becomes increasingly important.

We offer an array of services to help Governments and communities integrate sustainability into planning policy and programs to ensure that all residents benefit from a city’s or town’s success and are prepared for a changing climate. 

Ravenshoe Wind Farm