What we do

We work regionally

We truly understand living in regional and remote Australia, as we live here too.
Our knowledge and experience has been forged by the intellectual, economic and social fabric of our regional and tropical location, set amid irreplaceable ecosystems and cultures that fire our intellects and imaginations. 

We provide the service you need

We service a broad range of government agencies, businesses, organisations and regions on a range of projects grant funding application to designing a policy and programs and we are exceptionally well placed to deliver community development, planning and infrastructure projects and programs.

We make planning simple

Our hands-on industry experience and the discipline of teaching planning at James Cook University means we know how to demystify planning and community development.

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Sustainable Planning

From micromobility to microgrids we offer an array of services to help Governments and communities integrate sustainability into planning policy and programs to ensure that all residents benefit from a city’s or town’s success and are prepared for a changing climate.

Ravenshoe Wind Farm
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Planning processes for cycling and micromobility infrastructure and environments, incorporating movement and place principles

•    Mobility as a Service (MaaS) 
•    Mobility, micromobility and autonomous vehicles strategy
•    Transport and technology planning

Micromobility Day bikes and scooters
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Strategic & Master Planning

Planz has the experience and capability to assist Government and communities to translate their plans into actions and develop a narrative that means projects are realistic, adoptable and readily implemented:

•    Housing, Character and Cultural Heritage Planning
•    Transport, mobility and access planning
•    Natural environment, green space and recreation planning
•    Specialist Code and Policy drafting – Tropical Design, Transport Network Planning, CBD Parking Strategies

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Indigenous Co-design

Co-design and co-production of projects, programs and services. We believe that the best projects are developed, led, and delivered by communities themselves. Our role is to empower people to take control of their futures and to enable communities to actively influence outcomes. We do this by being on-the-ground from the beginning, listening to stories, asking questions and building long-lasting relationships.

co-design with local indigenous communities

Development Applications

We prepare applications for developments of all sizes and have a reputation for quality planning that result in hassle-free approvals.

development project applications and management