Working with us

Planz Town Planning is an award-winning, dynamic and forward thinking team of planning professionals dedicated to creating great places for people. Our reputation for excellence has seen Nikki Huddy be awarded the Queensland Planner of the Year for 2019. We have worked with clients to obtain approvals for agricultural tourism, subdivisions, duplexes, civic theatres, aquaculture, renewable energy, island resorts, health care facilities, churches, marinas, taverns and nightclubs sports stadiums, quarries and mines and Indigenous community developments.

You will find us to be knowledgeable, passionate, relatable and accountable. As our client, we will help you refine your idea, identify the project team, prepare quality applications and supporting reports, undertake public notification and community engagement. We prepare feasibility reports suitable for banks, real estate agents and prospective buyers. We act as expert witnesses in planning and valuation matters.

Planz has nurtured professional relationships that bring together a network of industry professionals to ensure every client has access to a complete range of services. We regularly collaborate with building certifiers, architects, designers, surveyors, valuers, lawyers and other town planners. The most important part of your approval is the conditions. We review and negotiate conditions word by word ensuring your approval is workable, cost effective and delivers the best outcome for your project.